Gearing up for SPINZILLA 2014!

Update: SPINZILLA 2013!


Although we weren’t on the top of the list, Cotton Clouds Team did spin 29,022.58 yards for a total of 16.49 miles helping to get us from NYC to Chicago!


While any fiber could be spun, we obviously were talking a lot about cotton. Those that did loved it! Even first-time cotton spinners.

ariaya 4
Ariaya spun this beautiful skein of yarn

So here’s your opportunity for SPINZILLA 2014 to get your hands on some cotton and spin and spin and spin away during the week of October 6-12, 2014!

When the final team rosters were in, we had 23 team members, and we’re covering the states of Arizona, California, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, and Pennsylvania. Quite a spread!

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!

Cotton Clouds, as well as SPINZILLA gave away lots of prizes!  There will be lots more this year! Good reason to be on our team!

Here are just some of our many prizes we’ll be giving away this year!

Our own suzenew won the Cotton Clouds SPINZILLA t-shirt!

Suzenew won our SPINZILLA t-shirt

A brand new copy of Hand Spinning Cotton by Harry & Olive Linder. This book is currently VERY expensive and hard to find because it’s out of print, but Cotton Clouds has re-printing it so a new generation can appreciate this fabulous resource! This prize will be awarded to the team member who spins the most yarn.


 $25 Cotton Clouds gift certificate. This will be given to one random team member! Spinzilla will also be giving away Gift Certificates!

gift certificate

Hand Dyed Cotton Sliver

Hand Dyed Cotton Sliver
Hand Dyed Cotton Sliver

 Join our Team!

Spinzila Avatar

It’s so easy to join the Cotton Clouds CottonTales SPINZILLA Team!  Sign up now!  Registration is August 4-September 22, 2014 ! The $10 registration fee will go to support the TNNA Mentor Program that will bring spinning into the schools to grow a new generation of spinners.

We’ll be having lots of fun, be giving away lots of prizes, special sales through our e-newsletter and posting on our Cotton Clouds CottonTales Ravelry thread.  So come on and join us! We’re the #1 cyberspace SPINZILLA team! #teamcottonclouds.



Spinzilla ??

Need to know more about SPINZILLA? What is it?  How to join? When to spin?  What to spin?  How to measure yardage and lots more?  Just CLICK HERE to have them all answered!

Comming next:

A gallery of our 2013 handspun winners!  Well, everyone on our team was a winner!

Even suspinz02's cat got in the action!
Even suspinz02’s cat got in the action!

Happy Spinning everyday, but most of all let’s all combine forces October 6-12, 2014 and bust some butt during SPINZILLA!

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