Cotton Spinning Tips: Part 2

Spin Cotton! It’s the new luxury fiber–tenderly soft and lofty with a fresh, clean hand. Now you can spin in luxury without the expense!

Our 33 year love affair with spinning cotton is translated into these very helpful hints and tips, demonstration videos, and more!

Cotton Clouds provides you with Quality Cotton Spinning Fibers in a variety of preparations that make it easy for any beginner to get started spinning and for the experienced spinner to explore the limitless possibilities of creating the most advanced, delicate yarns.

We highly recommend these excellent DVD’s devoted to cotton spinning:

Cotton Spinning Made Easy

Cotton Spinning With A Tahkli

Spinning Cotton

Current Cotton Clouds’ Blogs on Spinning Cotton:

Fearless Cotton Spinning

Cotton Fiber Preparation: From Seed to Sliver

Spin Cotton On Any Spindle or Wheel

Putting Your Handspun Cotton to Good Use: Part 1

Putting Your Handspun Cotton to Good Use: Part 2

Helpful Tips & Videos for Successful Cotton Spinning:

Seven Tips for Successful Cotton Spinning

How to Choose the Right Cotton Fiber

How to Spin Ginned Cotton

How to Spin Sliver Cotton

Spinning Cotton on a Support Spindle

Plying Yarns on Your Spinning Wheel

How to Finish Handspun Yarns

Successful Cotton Carding

Good Posture for Spinning

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