Weaving Leno on a Rigid Heddle Loom

I just finished weaving the Leno Wall Hanging  featured in

Cotton Clouds’ Rigid Heddle Kit-of-the-Month Club!  

I’d love to share my Leno weaving experience with you!

I really enjoyed working with  the Linen7  used in this project.  Linen 7 has the perfect amount of body & stiffness needed to maintain the  openwork designs.  This soft, supple, natural yarn felt as if I were holding a fiber that was carressing my skin!

This project calls for ten different leno techniques. It’s a wonderful sampler to learn leno whether on your rigid heddle or any 2 or more shaft loom!

The leno designs ranged from very easy to very challenging.

I found this 7 minute instructional YouTube Video very helpful in learning how to master leno on my rigid heddle loom.

While you can stick to the the leno techniques called for in the pattern, there’s no one keeping you from “doing your own thing”  and finding other leno techniques you might like better. As a matter of fact, the instructions encourage you to do so!

Once again I found comfort referring back to The Weaver’s Idea Book  for help with leno techniques.

Jane Patrick gave me even more ideas that I added to my weaving.

I used this technique from page 65 of  The Weaver’s Idea Book shown below:

So, don’t be intimidated, just have fun weaving leno and once you do, you will feel confident with leno patterning too!

I loved this Leno Sampler so much that I decided to use it on my SouthWestern motif dining table instead of hanging it on the wall.  That way I could spend hours admiring my work with a huge sense of accomplishment that I mastered leno weaving on my rigid heddle loom!

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