M-A-K-E time for your weaving!

I say it often–“I don’t HAVE time to weave, I MAKE time to weave!” 

(See our Five Sure-Fire Tips to Get Weaving below)

Cottolin Kitchen Curtains from "Weaving for Home" Kit-of-the-Month Club

 But how are you going to MAKE time to weave? 

Our Kit-of-the-Month Clubs begin by saving you time figuring out what to order.  Shipping is Free so there’s no guilt in shopping online.  We deliver each kit right to your door!  It’s basically a no-brainer!

Aurora Earth Fiesta Napkins from our "Weaving for Home" Kit-of-the-Month Club

There’s something here for everyone!

Table runners, towels, more towels, holiday projects, lots of scarves, home accessories for both 2 & 4-shaft weaving including our newest Rigid Heddle Weaving Kit-of-the-Month Club.

Rio Grande Placemats from our "Rigid Heddle" Club

No excuses for you anymore!

 We’ll deliver a complete weaving kit, with all the yarns, warping, weaving and finishing instructions you’ll need to get it on and off the loom within 30 days, so you’ll be ready for the next new project arriving at your door. That’s how you MAKE time for weaving!

All the yarns you’ll need to weave 4 Rio Grande Placemats from ourRigid Heddle” Kit-of-the-Month Club

Learn by Doing!

No amount of armchair weaving is the same as actually doing it!  When a thoughtfully designed and thoroughly tested project is dropped at your doorstep each month, you will find that you WILL MAKE time to weave (and learn) more! 

Leno Rigid Heddle Wall Hanging: Learn a variety of leno lace techniques on your rigid heddle loom
 MAKE weaving a habit!

Did you know that a task repeated over a period of 30-60 days becomes a habit.  It is addictive. You know you love it, you know it brings peace and joy to your life, so what are you waiting for?

         Free Handwoven Wall Calendar with Kit-of-the-Month Membership 

 Join any one of our Kit-of-the-Month Clubs now.  Shipping is Free on each kit (that’s a huge savings!)  And while supplies last, we’ll be including FREE with your first new kit, the 2012 Handwoven Wall Calendar to keep track of the next 12 months of anticipated weaving.

You can MAKE it happen!

MAKE time for your weaving, the rewards are priceless!

CLICK HERE to our Five Sure-Fire Tips to Get Weaving!

Happy Holidays!

All of us at Cotton Clouds are wishing you and your loved ones a joyous holiday season.  May your weaving pleasures multiply and may you MAKE time this holiday season to keep on weaving, for the pleasures of it do mulitply.         Irene, Jodi, Frankie & Ron

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