Doubleweave: It’s Double the Fun!

What’s your weaving demon? Something you’ve been a little afraid of tackling, but would really love to try? Halloween might scare you, but we promise that our time-tested kits and tips for making most weavers’ weaving demons a personal success! This Halloween we’re taking the scary out of Doubleweave.

Click Here for lots of helpful tips on weaving Doubleweave.

I love Doubleweave! It’s always fascinated me. It’s such a clever weaving technique! So you ask, “What’s so intriquing about Doubleweave?” With Doubleweave you can……….

Forget FLAT! Doubleweave allows you to make tubes, puckers, puffs and even tapestries. And it’s my favorite Doubleweave application. This Doubleweave Padded Yoga Mat Kit was inspired by one I saw online. I knew I could easily re-create it by weaving a few inches of two layers of fabric, stuffing right on the loom and then locking the padding in place by bringing just two shots of the bottom layer up to the top and continuing this simple technique throughout the weaving. Presto! I had a padded fabric and my yoga mat! I use it not only for yoga relaxation but on my lawn chair in the summer! Thanks to Suzie Liles, this idea was brought to fruition and appeared in Handwoven magazine.

Forget LIMITS! Doubleweave let’s you make fabrics wider than the standard weaving width of your loom. If you have a 4-shaft 25″ loom you can weave any plain weave pattern up to 50″ wide. That opens a whole new world to you and won’t limit you, should you want to weave, say our Chenille Throw kit (38-39″ wide). And if you have an 8-shaft loom and love a challenge (better than Sukuko!) you can use Doubleweave to create wider fabrics with more advanced patterns like twill, rosepath, honeycomb. There are tips and hints for how to keep track of your treadling that makes it easier!

Forget COLOR SHADING! Doubleweave is one of the few weave structures that let’s you place solid color side-by-side in solid blocks. The possibilities are endless.

Jennifer Moore’s new book Doubleweave is a wonderful exploration (with get-on-your-loom projects) into color block weaving.

This Doubleweave Checkerboard Game set is a simple way to learn this technique and end up with a great gift for your favorite game player. Grandchildren come to mind immediately!

We’ve joining the Weavolution HalloWeave Challenge! This event is intended to help push our own boundaries to motivate us towards weaving everyday.Weaving is one of the things we all love and doing what we love makes our lives that much more enjoyable.

We’ve chosen DoubleWeave as our HalloWeave Challenge for you! Weavolution’s Claudia Segal says, “I DOUBLE DARE anyone to join me in an exploration of double weave. Let’s learn how to do it and create a bookmark, towel, scarf, shawl , anything as long as it’s double weave. This team will work together to explore double weave and weave something by Halloween, Oct 31, 2011.”

Click Here to  join the group! It’s going to be fun! Why not start your challenge with one of these Doubleweave kits mentioned above. We make it easy!

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