Colors I See


Color fascinates me. Color excites me. Color talks to me. Color heals me. Color is my world.


I’ve been trying to open my eyes to see color in all it’s shapes and guises here in Florida while on vacation.


Next month Cotton Clouds will focus on how to make color your friend in all your fiber arts project and open your eyes (that’s how we perceive it anyway) to a whole new way at seeing color and have it work for you!

So here’re are some impressions of the world of color around me. Enjoy! ;20111003-102107.jpg
I love the Subtle patterns of color in these seed pods fallen onto a cement surface after a tropical fall wind.


Excuse my indulgence but I just love images of freshly caught fish. These Red Grouper (my favorite fish here in Florida) just in from the Gulf on ice at the local seafood market. Note the subtle reds and oranges and even browns.


And of course, can’t leave you without a magical sunset, my favorite colors of all! Now it’s your turn to look around you for the color in your world. I’m sure you’ll find great inspiration . Check back for updates.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Syd says:

    I so agree….color is what makes my soul sing!

    1. Thanks for adding to this discussion. Love how you described color in your life, that it makes your soul sing. I love that!

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