Embellish Your Life!

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I’ve always been in love with beaded fabrics. Back in the 70’s I’d search out every Indian clothing boutique for clothing that was richly embellished with beads, sequins and mirrors. I wore one shirt with ishi mirrors until the sleeves had holes in them! It was difficult to give that one up!

So when I saw the book, The Beaded Edge,  a memory of days-gone-by was sparked.  I  decided then and there that I’d been embellishment-deprived for too long!

After watching the amazing preview video of  The Beaded Edge I knew that I needed to get to my bead and yarn stash immediately.

I knew that I could do this.  Even though I’m not very good at crochet, the video was so clear that if I just followed the illustrated step-by-step instructions, I could get started.  Of course, I knew that I’d learn even more once I received the book in early October!

So just to give it a try, I got out a piece of handwoven fabric and a little finished sachet pillow to practice on.  I figured, if I gave it about an hour of my time and I liked it, I could go on to embellish all sorts of fabrics in my stash of handwovens and even in my wardrobe!

I chose some 6 mm silverlined pinkish seed beads, and 10/2 Pearly Perle yarn.  Since you have to first string the beads on all the yarn you’ll be using, I was cautious in choosing a yarn fine enough to thread through the beads.  But the 10/2 was too thin and difficult to work with. So I switched to an undyed 5/2 Pearly Perle yarn which worked better, but I still could have used a thicker yarn; either a 3/2 Pearly Perle or perhaps even Cotton Classic Lite.  I’ll try these tonight. (I’m so anxious to get back to it, it’s difficult concentrating on even writing this blog!)

My first attempt!  Yeah, I did it!  Not difficult at all.  Just need to keep practicing. The video is great in showing me how to do this over and over and over again, so that by the time I did about four repeats I had the rhythm!  Have you watched the video yet?

Now I feel confident to keep going. My mind is racing ahead as to how I can add this interesting embellishment to a handwoven scarf that I’ve always thought was a bit too dull and uninspired.  This next time I’m going to use a rainbow of my favorite beads and add these “flower chains” not only along the edge of the scarf but across the fabric in rows  perhaps 3″ – 4″ apart .  It will be wild, but hey, that’s me and it’s time to bring back some of that 70’s freedom of spirit to my life.  I think The Beaded Edge  is just the receipe for that!

Remembering my 70's spirit!

Coming next to this blog: More images and inspiration from The Beaded Edge.

Thanks to my right hand gal, Jodi Ybarra for her behind the scences help with this project!

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