Picture of Health!

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10,000′ at Molas Pass, SW CO
Wouldn’t you say that I was the picture of health?  Full of vitality, energy & stamina?
Well, the health insurance industry doesn’t think so!  Being self-employed (I’m the founder & owner of Cotton Clouds, Inc, the #1 source of  everything cotton for the hand knitter, weaver, spinner and crocheter).   I haven’t had many choices these past 33 years of ownership in Cotton Clouds. So I stuck with my original health insurance carrier.
Then I needed a new hip, new knee and some toe surgery.  Thanks to them I was covered, but no thanks to my this health insurance provider, I couldn’t change from an HMO to a PPO, because of these pre-existing conditions (in additions to some other surgeries as well).  In 20 years, I had 12 surgeries.  
Celebrating my 63rd Birthday in CO
But you wouldn’t know it by looking at me!  I am the picture of health (see above and below!).  I exercise, eat healthy (no junk food!), just lost 25 lbs, and have the best attitude about life, love & happiness.
Each year my premium rose to finally over $1200/month!  That’s outrageous! It was eating me out of house and home!
So why when I tried to find another health provider with a lower monthly premium was I rejected?  Because the bottom line is that, to them, I’m a risk.  But to me that’s being prejudiced.  They don’t know me.  They don’t know that I swim, hike, do Nia dance, take good care of myself (a monthly massage, local hot mineral springs, am a vegetarian, etc).  They don’t know that all those surgeries worked and I no longer have pain or trouble hiking a mile or two, swimming across a 30 acre lake or  doing non-impact aerobic dance (Nia) for an hour.
So what to do?  I read an article at www.huffingtonpost.com by Arthur Delaney about something in Obama Care that might address my health insurance needs.  So I checked it out.  There is HOPE! I’ll tell you more about that next time. If you have a similar dilemma, check back to hear what you might be able to do.  It’s a bit scary and you have to have faith in your health for 6 months and not live in fear but it’s doable.

If your only dilemma is finding quality cotton yarns for your knitting, weaving & crochet or cotton spinning fibers to make your own yarns, the best HOPE for that is to visit us online at www.cottonclouds.com  and sign up for our educational e-newsletter & sales announcement by clicking here.

Me & my shadow hiking in San Juan Mts, CO


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