Organic Natural Colored Cotton Yarns & Sliver

Here is a quick glimpse of  the wonderful new yarns, patterns, books and everything gorgeous I saw at TNNA.  More comments to explain the photos to follower.  For now, feast on these images of what’s to come to you from Cotton Clouds in 2011!  It’s going to be a very good year at Cotton Clouds  if you love natural fibers!

Naturally colored cotton full length coat


Watch for a new line of organic,  naturally colored yarns from Cotton Clouds!

Imagine nine colors in shades of natural greens & browns & naturals.   So many wonderful color combinations to dream about!

With adorable pattern support!



Lots of designs in this organic, dye-free, naturally colored cotton yarn.

Eco Butterfly Organics booth

Dedicated to Organic, Wild Crafted, Native, Fair Trade, Recycled, Sustainable & Creative Fiber Arts

I was so excited to find this new, orgnically grown,  naturally colored ctton yarn that I didn’t sleep for two nights at the show semi-dreaming of how much you are going to love it!

We’ll also be stocking 9 shades of organic naturally colored cotton sliver.  Spinnersbe ready to delight in this gorgeous all-natural spinning fiber!

More reflection on other findings at TNNA 2011 in Long Beach, California.

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