Georgia O’Keeffe inspired Shawl

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Georgia O’Keeffe inspired Color Horoscope Weaving Shawl at Convergence 2010

New Mexico was an exciting venue for Cotton Clouds to introduce our stunning new Color Horoscope Weaving kits designed by Bonnie Tarses–educator, innovator, visionary in the fiber arts.

Our vibrant Georgia O’Keeffe Color Horoscope Weaving Shawl features our Bambu 7 and Bambu 12 yarns and is inspired by Ms. O’Keeffe’s November 15, 1887 birth in Wisconsin.  Click HERE to learn more about this woman of strength and inspiration.

Red Canna by Georgia O'Keeffe so closely resembles the shawl

Each of the 12 vibrant colors represent the zodiac signs and planets.  The one-of-a-kind warp sequence for this shawl is determined by how Georgia O’Keeffe’s stars and planets were aligned at the time of her birth. 

Each kit contains 12 vibrant colors for warp and specific colors for weft.

This Convergence Commemorative Georgia O’Keeffe Color Horoscope Weaving kit was the hottest selling item at Convergence 2010!  We sold out by the end of the show.  I can’t wait to see our Cotton Clouds’ customers in their handwoven shawls.  I’m looking forward to them sending us photos so we can share them with everyone.

We will continue to produce these kits as long as there is demand for them which I believe will be a long time into the future, judging by the enthusiasm weavers showed at Convergece 2010.

The Color Horoscope Weaving Kit includes everything you'll need to weave this stunning shawl on any 4-shaft loom

What attracted most eyes to these shawls  on display was the innovative “Almost Ikat” warp striping.  Bonnie Tarses has developed a unique way to warp commercially dyed variegated yarns to give an almost ikat look.  Instructions are included in each kit, however for a clearer picture of how to produce this stunning effect you can now view Bonnie’s instructive “Almost Ikat” video on YouTube.

Georgia O'Keeffe Color Horoscope Weaving shawl on the loom showing "Almost Ikat" warp striping, woven with brilliant red & orange weft

Our Georgia O’Keeffe Color Horosocope Weaving kits come in two color ways and sizes. 

The Bambu 7 warp uses the 12 rainbow colors and a Bambu 12 weft in the reds and oranges as shown above. There are two “Almost Ikat” warp stripes using Bambu 7 Variegated colors Tropical Sunset and Mardi Gras  The vibrancy of rich reds and oranges comes into play when the fabric is woven using two strands of the fine Bambu 12.

Bambu 12 Georgia O'Keeffe Color Horoscope Weaving Shawl showing tuquoise weft (right) and experimental color gamp (left) using yarns left over after warping

For a lighter weight shawl/scarf we have the Georgia O’Keeffe Color Horoscope Weaving kit with a Bambu 12 warp, and Bambu 12 Variegated Dynasty for the “Almost Ikat” striping and a vibrant Bambu 12 tuquoise weft.  If you love turquoise this is the choice for you!  Great for warmer weather climates where you want something lightweight to throw over your shoulders.

Your Georgia O'Keeffe inspired Color Horoscope Weaving Shawl kit is waiting for you!

Click HERE to order your Georgia O’Keeffe Color Horoscope Weaving Kit and wrap yourself in the inspiration of this icon of strength and creativity!

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