A final look at Convergence 2010

Visit us online at Cotton Clouds.

Although the show is over, I thought that we could take one last look at some of the beautiful products vendors had for sale at the show and some last looks at the beautiful people that made up this wonderful gathering of enthusiastic fiber artists.  Although Convergence comes only every two years, there are memories here to last a lifetime.  Enjoy!

First the loot:

Beautiful handwovens for sale
Navaho weavings including a Navaho wool American flag dress. There is a real love of the American flag among the Navaho's.
Gorgeous handspinning fibers by Chasing Rainbow Dyeworks at Carolina Homespun's booth
Redfish Dyeworks silk yarns in abundance

 And now the great connections with friends and business associates:

Cristella, Peggy Osterkamp, Steven Denkin (Unicorn Books)
Irene Schmoller (Cotton Clouds) & Richard Ashford (Ashford Handicrafts of New Zealand)
Liz Gipson (Schacht Spindle Co.) & Irene Schmoller (Cotton Clouds) planning great things to come!
Irene & Lynn Lucas (Red Corn Tours) became fast friends and plan to see the Dali Lama in Fayetteville, Arkansas, May 2011!
Too cute to miss! Peggy Osterkamps stylish shoes!
Peggy Osterkamp's new book, Weaving for Beginners sold out! It can be ordered from Cotton Clouds.
And my favorite of all, a spinner and weaver from Cusco, Peru.

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