A love of fiber: Connections and Reflections

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What binds us fiberartists together so?  Is it a love of the tactile; the color; the practical; the esoteric; or all wrapped into one that brings us together to celebrate it all?  Whatever it may be, Convergence 2010 is a gathering of the spirit of the goodness that lies within.

Here are some images that speak for themselves of the people who make up the wonderful fiberarts community.  Join us!

Irene wrapped in Bonnie Tarses Color Horoscope Weaving Shawl
Peggy Osterkamp signing her new book, "Weaving for Beginners". We sold out!
Lamb Chop joins the Cotton Clouds' team!
Liz Gipson, Schacht Spindle Co, warping a Baby Wolf at Carolina Homespun's booth
Morgaine Wilder, Carolina Homespun enjoying the show at her massive booth of wheels, looms, and every other imaginable fiber arts supply.
Barry Schacht (Schacht Spindle), Richard Ashford (Ashford Handicrafts)& Francois Brassard (Leclerc Looms) are all good buddies, competition aside!
Dave van Stralen (Louet) is the new president of The Spinning & Weaving Association. We shared a booth with Weavolution
Convergence 2010 has truly lived up to its name of gathering people from all over the world, from all walks of life, from a diversity of fiberarts interests together under one roof to share the joys of spinning, weaving and the beauty of the fibers in our lives. It was a grand party!

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