More from Convergence 2010: Faces and the Loot!

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What a great day meeting new friends, visiting with long time ones, going to dinner with spinning & weaving friends in the business from 30 years back!

Here are some more great images live from Convergence 2010.

Lynn & Dave from Red Corn, what a hoot they are!

Lynn & Dave from Red Corn, what a hoot!

Red Corn’s beautiful fabrics


Lookin’ good in red in this handwoven rayon wrap! Didn’t take it home!
Bar Maid hand lotions in a bar
Bar Maids give you a free handwashing with their fabulous “scrub”

Yes, having fun yet!

Yes, having fun yet!

Coral: the next generation of artistic weavers
Coral's funky t-shirt below that hot pink head of hair! What a kid!
Linda Ligon, Interweave Press founder, stopped by. We've known each other for over 30 years!

Just two more days to go.  We’re all looking forward to the general public coming in to see the show  on Saturday and Sunday.  Look for images of me with my newest friend tomorrow.  She’s very cute, very soft and even talks up a storm!

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