Color Horoscope Weaving Kits: Part II

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WOW!  Our Color Horoscope Weaving kits( designed by Bonnie Tarses)  are ready to take to Convergence!  They’re gorgeous!

We have the yarns packaged in a handy tote that you can just pick up and walk away with (of course, after paying for!!) at the show or order online.  See our many Color Horoscope Weaving kits to order.


Each kit has 12 gorgeous rainbow colors of either our Bambu 7 or Bambu 12 yarns for warp and enough yarn to weave a generous size shawl, baby blanket or scarf.  There are bright jewel tones for the scarves and shawls and beautiful pastels for the baby blankets.


Plus what makes this Color Horoscope Weaving kit so unique are all the great instructions within.  Each kit comes with an instruction packet that contains beautiful graphic postcard designs of the kits from Cotton Clouds and Bonnie Tarses, a Color Horoscope Sample Disk to help you identify each color in your kit, warping, weaving, finishing instructions along with  excellent information about the signs, planets and zodiac of your horoscope kit.  We’ve made ordering your personalized color horoscope warp color sequence chart from Bonnie Tarses with a Questionairre and Order Form that you can mail directly to Bonnie.

We just made it so easy for you to get this project on the loom, weave your own personalized colors and wrap yourself in the luxury of Cottn Clouds’ 100% soft and sensuous Bambu yarns!

Whether you’re new to weaving or it’s been a long time passion, you’re going to love not only working with these Bambu yarns but the uniqueness of creating a very personal color horoscope fabric.

Oh, you ask, what IS a Color Horoscope weaving?  This is how our designer Bonnie Tarses  describes it:

     A personal horoscope is translated into color using a unique method of spectrum manipulation conceived and developed by Bonnie Tarses. 

     Each of the 12 hues in the carefully selected palette represents an astrological sign, house or planet. Just the right amount of each color has been measured out by Cotton Clouds for economy and ease. Keep in mind, these 12 colors combine to create over 5 billion color possibilities, representing a map of the sky at a particular moment in time.




from Bonnie Tarses

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