The evolution of Color Horoscope Kits

Visit us online at Cotton Clouds.

Bonnie Tarses is the genius behind our new Color Horoscope Kits and they’re HOT! 

When these prewound yarns are combined with Bonnie’s warp color sequence based on your birth of date, anniversary or special occassion you’ll creates a fabric that is soft and luscious and uniquely your own!

We’re in the process of assembling 100 of these unique kits for Convergence 2010 in Albuquerque, NM  July 22-25, 2010!  Come see us there!

What is a Color Horoscope Kit: A personal horoscope is translated into color using a unique method of spectrum manipulation conceived and developed by Bonnie Tarses.    Each of the 12 hues in the carefully selected palette represents an astrological sign, house or planet. Just the right amount of each color has been measured out by Cotton Clouds for economy and ease. Keep in mind, these 12 colors combine to create over 5 billion color possibilities, representing a map of the sky at a particular moment in time. 

Your fabric will be as unique as you are!

Here are a few images of the process of assembling these Bambu 7 & Bambu 12 yarn kits! 

Here’s Jodi winding the yarns on our new industrial winder.


            Close up of  the winder in action.  It measures out the exact yardage that we need:

Close up of yarn being wound on tubes:


Pre-wound yarns.  Twelve gorgeous rainbow colors in 100% Bambu 7 & Bambu 12:

The kit boxes ready to be assembled:

More to follow: Next, the kit made up and ready to ship!


And there is so much happening at Convergence 2010.  Check out their Gallery Guide (with online flip pages) and be sure to see our add on page 8.  Come visit us at booth #417  and try on one of these Color Horoscope Weaving Shawls & Scarves for yourself and take home a kit in our nifty new tote package.  It’s fabulous!

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